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High-Performing Mobile Site and App for Hyatt

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a hospitality company with 10 different brands and 549 properties all around the world. Hyatt’s partnership with Usablenet dates back to 2009 and the two companies have been working together to provide Hyatt’s customers with innovative mobile experiences ever since.


In 2013, Hyatt rebuilt their mobile site using entirely APIs, choosing to focus first on providing customers with a fast, efficient site that would allow for easy completion of booking journeys. This focus on performance led to a second phase of mobile development that included a full UI/UX refresh of both the mobile site and app.

The challenge in creating the new site and app was to introduce an element of luxury and dreaming while browsing for travel, yet retain high-performing core functionality. Hyatt wanted to make it easy for customers to find and book hotels, while at the same time ensuring they had access to a great deal of information about individual properties’ rooms and amenities.

The mobile site and app together also needed to express a cohesive sense of the Hyatt brand, while driving differentiation between Hyatt’s many different brands.


The key achievement of the UI/UX refresh is that superior performance was not sacrificed in any way. The revamped mobile site features a “View Hotels near me tonight” next to the more traditional search function, which allows users to choose the journey that will best suit their needs. The addition of a global navigation menu means that all relevant information is easily accessible, while ensuring that the homepage remains streamlined.

The site also features informational pages for each hotel property, which are heavily visual and feature high-resolution photos in overlay form so the user never strays too far from the booking path while engaging in an immersive experience. These individual pages also feature different header branding according to the Hyatt brand the property belongs to.

The mobile app, meanwhile, features the same visual elements and speed while focusing more on the loyal Hyatt customer, allowing users to save hotels to a “My Favorites” section, which they can access without logging in. Hyatt Gold Passport members can also redeem their loyalty points through the app, which previously they could only do on the website.

The app features a number of third party integrations that were intended to further enrich the experience and engage frequent Hyatt guests. The app and mobile site are both supported in eight different languages, while the app has been integrated with Uber to make it easy for guests to schedule transportation to hotels.


Around one-third of visits to Hyatt’s website are now coming from mobile devices, and this volume is continually increasing. Ellen Lee, Vice President of E-Commerce for Hyatt, stated that “the share of digital revenue that’s coming from mobile is up triple digits year-over-year and continuing to grow.”


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