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Xoom mobile site

About Xoom

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Xoom is a leading digital money transfer provider, focused on helping consumers send money in a secure, fast and cost-effective way using their mobile device or desktop computer.  During 2013 Xoom customers sent more than $5 billion to family and friends in 30 countries.


Xoom’s core focus is meeting the money transfer needs of one million customers, and the brand needed a way to extend this functionality to mobile. The Xoom customer desires a simple, secure, and reliable experience when transferring money. And while most companies want their customers to spend more time on mobile, Xoom seeks the opposite -- the less time it takes for a customer to transfer money, the better.

Xoom launched its first mobile website in 2011 in partnership with Usablenet. Ongoing improvements to the site throughout 2013 resulted in mobile site with sophisticated functionality which include the ability to send, track and manage money transfers. Depending on the country and participating network partners, Xoom users can arrange for a cash pickup, bank deposit or home delivery, and they can use either their bank account or credit card to send money. Quick Send makes it easy for return customers to send money to the same person. Senders are able to keep track of their transactions and receive alerts so they know when the recipient has received the money.  A currency rate calculator lets senders see the current exchange rate and fees before they start a transaction. The mobile site is supported with U-Control, making it possible for the brand to do country-specific promotions and messaging across the site.  Frequent user testing and UX research form the basis of all improvements to the user experience and the performance of the site.


Xoom’s mobile business is growing rapidly. During 2013, over $813 million of Xoom’s gross sending volume was sent via mobile, representing a growth of 205% over the prior year.


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