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B2B to overtake B2C traffic

B2B tends to lag B2C in product shopping and research trends, but it does follow. A report from Usablenet shows that B2B mobile usage for product research is increasing faster than B2C and should match B2C’s 22% “soon.” The B2B buyer looks very similar to the B2C buyer in this report:

  • 56% of B2B customers read reviews via mobile
  • 55% read product details
  • 52% research products for their businesses
  • 50% compare features
  • 48% compare prices

In reaction, 48% of B2B companies have plans to add a mobile sales channel to their mix.

We have to assume that these numbers are starting in the “consumer-like” products that businesses buy such as laser printers, office supplies, etc. These products are low cost “commodity” items that are easy to compare online. However, trends like this tend to “migrate upwards” so it’s only a matter of time before pharmaceutical payers begin adopting these behaviors as well.

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