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Mobile has become so engrained our daily culture that we rarely go without it. Smartphones, smartphone apps and tablets have changed how consumers connect, shop and access information – and they expect an optimized experience. If they don’t get it, they might not visit again.



Unlike other approaches, U-Experience combines any source (including the desktop site) to power unique mobile experiences based on context, customer needs and interface.  


Next-gen mobile sites from Usablenet:

  • Best-in-class UX, optimized for speed, quick navigation and task completion
  • Context-rich experiences that include personalization 
  • Optimized user paths such as product display, cart and check-out, reducing barriers to purchase 
  • U-Control, a tool for creating and publishing content, so you have complete command over mobile promotions.


Powered by the U-Experience Platform

  • Supports all major smartphones, tablets and operating systems
  • Combines any source (your website, web services, APIs and third-party functionality)
  • HTML5 and JavaScript to create a compelling user interface
  • Requires limited resources and no upfront development or system integration to create
  • Delivers faster sites by “freeing” the device and executing content on the platform, instead of on the device
  • Delivers a high-performing mobile site quickly


Complete Control of Your Content

Assets and experience elements such as banners and promotions can be controlled by U-Control, a tool for publishing and managing content, so you have more control over mobile. Our tools give you the control and flexibility you need to plan, execute and maintain integrated mobile marketing promotions.


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