Tablets burst onto the market and adoption has grown faster than even smartphones. Consumers have specific expectations of the ideal user experience on tablet, which is different from other devices such as smartphones or desktop sites.



  • Best-in-class UX optimized for tablet device capabilities
  • Built with U-Experience platform and ability to combine sources
  • We separate data from presentation to build unique experience for context, device and interface
  • U-Control for complete control over promotions on tablet
  • Creates adaptive sites and custom tablet sites



Usablenet’s U-Experience platform enables a range of tablet solutions, from custom tablet sites and apps to tablet web experiences that are adapted from the smartphone user journey.

Tablet choices from Usablenet:

  • Adaptive Tablet Site: To provide a consistent experience between smartphones and tablets, Usablenet adapts the core user journeys from smartphones for tablet – while keeping the tablet’s distinct functionality in mind. Optimized for tablet touchscreens, the mobile experience is responsively published to tablet.
  • Custom Tablet Site: Custom tablet sites deliver a highly compelling experience and are an ideal solution when the existing desktop site falls short. We optimize for touch interface and tablet device capabilities. The tablet site can be powered by data from multiple sources including the desktop site, services or third party APIs.
  • Tablet App: We build native tablet apps that meet your customer, brand and business needs. We custom design and develop your app to support native functionality and specific use cases, including customer-facing and internal apps. 


Manage Content with U-Control

Tablet content such as landing pages, banners and promotions can be controlled by U-Control.  Our publishing tools give you what you need to plan, execute and maintain integrated promotions on tablet.



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