Today's consumers have more options for connecting with brands than ever before, and mobile is fast becoming their preferred touch point. These changing consumer behaviors make it critical for brands to meaningfully engage consumers on mobile whenever and wherever the customer chooses. With U-Campaign, marketers are now able to maximize the impact of mobile marketing to enhance customer engagement and make a direct impact on revenue.



U-Campaign is a “self-service tool” that allows brands to plan, execute and easily manage mobile landing pages and campaign sites in real-time, increasing the value of mobile to driving revenue and enhancing customer engagement.

U-Campaign enables marketers to deliver much more immediacy, as well a richer and more dynamic mobile promotions, with the flexibility to run multiple campaigns without the need for developers or third-party resources.  



John LewisJohn Lewis

In support of its 150 year anniversary campaign, John Lewis created dedicated JL150 mobile landing pages using U-Campaign. 

The landing page UI is consistent with the design and styling of the John Lewis mobile site and anniversary-themed content on the website.

U-Campaign analytics track the performance of each landing page.



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  • Agility: Clients can create and publish landing pages quickly and frequently.
  • Achieve business goals: Improve customer response rates by tailoring and refreshing content for mobile promotions.
  • Control: Regain control and flexibility for channel-specific mobile marketing within a responsively designed website.
  • Efficiency: Execute multiple campaigns quickly while containing costs; limited resources needed to execute and manage campaigns.
  • Cost: Provides more publishing functionality than many CMS solutions at a fraction of the cost


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